Forest House


Located at the end of a winding gravel road in Mendocino County, the Forest House is one that blends in perfectly with its unique…

PS3H House


It’s difficult to grow tired of a minimalist aesthetic. The PS3H House embodies the very best of this current design trend. Located in Sweden,…

Vertical House


Located in Dallas, the Vertical House is a diamond in the rough, architecturally speaking. The home can be likened to an oasis, with exotic…

mango house

Mango House


Inspired by the lush mango trees scattered throughout the area, the Mango House is one ideal for its surroundings. Luxe in layout, and modern…

lachance house

Lachance House


The Lachance House is everything you’d expect from a residence that prides itself on luxury. Utilizing a unique design that combines rustic and modern…

Marble House


There is no shortage of stunning properties scattered throughout Bangkok, but this one is truly one of a kind. Located just a short while…

Ypsilon House


The summer season is primed for travel. So, where will you spend your days under the sun? The enigmatic Ypsilon House is located off…

Chalet Lac Gate


Boom Town Architects’ Eric Tremblay is no stranger to amazing design. His work with the Chalet Lac Gate is absolutely no exception. The home…