AquaBotix 4GB HydroView


While on holiday we all want to capture those special moments. After all, that’s what cameras and camcorders are for. One of the most difficult ways of capturing those moments though is when we’re swimming, or snorkelling, or deep sea diving. Sure, there are underwater cameras, but they’re not always entirely reliable. With the AquaBotix 4GB Hydroview though, you can do no wrong. This unique underwater gadget is a remote controlled vehicle that capture videos as clear as the waters in which it’s placed into and stunning HD quality photos. It’s capable of connecting to your iPad so streaming can be done instantaneously, while from the safety of the shore or the deck of your boat you can navigate the device through the waters and enable it to reach depths you wouldn’t be able to. It can be a fun way to explore marine life or it could be a useful tool in inspecting the underside of your boat. Imagine if it were to swim past a Great White and you had footage to prove it! Now that certainly would be a special moment worth capturing and a holiday video everyone back home would surely want to see.

The AquaBotix 4GB HydroView is available for $3,895 (£2,499).

AquaBotix 4GB HydroView Remote Controlled Underwater Vehicle Video & HD Photos

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