Battery Box

There are few things more frustrating than finally finding the creativity to nail that assignment, only to be stifled by a drained battery. But such is life in today’s tech driven world, and finally, someone’s created a solution. While the concept of portable batteries are nothing new, few are done with this much pizazz. The BatteryBox, the very first of its kind, utilizes A.I. to diagnose battery problems. Rather than charge your battery, the box powers your computer directly, which reduces the total amount of charging cycles you computer undergoes. With a 16,500 mAh, it can store enough power to charge seven iPhones, or power up your MacBook air for 12 hours. It comes with four Snapfit clips, so you can ensure your device is compatible. At $200, it’s not exactly cheap, but you’ll get plenty of use out of this bad boy. BatteryBox, you officially have our hearts.


batterybox batterybox batterybox

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