Renard GT Carbon Fiber Motorcycle

If fierce bikes are your jam, the Renard GT Carbon Fiber Motorcycle will put a cherry on top of your weekend. The luxury bike boasts a stellar performance, courtesy of a light composite unibody, which contains the gas tank, air box and gondolas. Its carbon fiber monocoque is reinforced with kevlar for optimal durability. With the Moto Guzzi’s V2 quattrovalvole engine, the bike is capable of an adequate 125 hp, reaching a top speed of 140 mph. If you’ve learned one thing here, it’s to never underestimate the power of the Moto Guzzi to get hearts racing.

Renard GT Carbon Fiber Motorcycle

Renard-GT-Carbon-Fiber-Motorcycle-3 Renard-GT-Carbon-Fiber-Motorcycle-2 Renard-GT-Carbon-Fiber-Motorcycle-1 Renard-GT-Carbon-Fiber-Motorcycle-4

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