Bring the Pain!

Forcing Muscle Growth With Dynamic Set Training

Your body is the supreme control freak — yes, even more so than your ex-girlfriend. Every cell strives to know what is coming around the corner and prepare for it. To become familiar — to make life routine with no surprises, which is good when it comes to staying alive, but a huge obstacle when it comes to building muscle. To get bigger, leaner and stronger you will have to break the grip of time and habit which has taught your body to adapt and remain the same. Human nature’s tendency to continually repeat the familiar also kicks in and further shackles us to the training routines we have done for years. 

Are you ready to take back control and give your body no choice but to grow? You will need to shock it by creating mayhem and confusion — blasting it from directions and angles it has never experienced. Here is the perfect weapon that your body can’t counter. The definition of training chaos — dynamic set training. 

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