Ignite Your Fitness Journey

How to Get Motivated for Fitness and Stay Motivated

Anyone who goes to the gym knows that right at the beginning of the year, it is absolutely the busiest time. Everyone has made a New Year’s resolution to get healthy, so they run out and buy a gym membership. They have the best intentions and have a bit of motivation, but that doesn’t always work out well. Fast forward to the end of February and you will notice 90 per cent of the people who made the resolution to get healthy have already lost the enthusiasm and given up. 

Losing the motivation to work out consistently happens to even the best of us. Doing the same exercises week after week can become a bit mundane. Change it up now and then. Keeping it interesting will make you want to train even more. Below are a few ways to incorporate change into your current workout routine, or lack of one. Keep these in mind when you have hit the fitness wall and are wondering if you can continue your training. 

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