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7 Big Relationship Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Relationships are easy — the short-term ones. Many of us, after some trial and error, can master the science of the sprint. Over the span of a couple of hours, days, maybe a week, sometimes even a month or two, we can have the newest staring into our eyes saying "Where did you come from?" She will continue with, "How did I ever get so lucky? Why did anyone ever let you go?" I don’t know but I got a list twenty deep — you could call and ask them. Well, on second thought — don’t bother. Now guys, if you are looking for a constant buffet line of new faces (which I was for years, as it can be intoxicating) no need to change anything. Keep calm and play on. 

However, if your goal is a successful, long-term committed relationship with a great woman, continue reading — this article is for you. Long-term relationships are not easy — I should know as I have blown up more than my share. Many simply were not a good match — destined to run aground on the rocky beach of shattered hearts and expectations. Others, however, have forced me to look at my failings — the mistakes I made that eventually sank the relationship. Examining my history, I realize I have made about every mistake known to man — at least twice and then copyrighted a few of my own. 

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