The Lakeside Jewel

Possibly the most famous and desirable waterfront address in Italy.

This little gem is located on Lake Como, possibly the most famous and desirable waterfront address in Italy.

Designed by the Italian firm Studio Marco Pava, the design of this luxurious villa is effortlessly modern yet unobtrusive on the beautiful site. In fact, the home has a sort of magical appeal that makes it seem as if it’s always been there, which is a testament to the skill of the Studio Marco Pava design team.

The villa boasts wondrous views of the lake and surrounding hilly landscape and Cyprus trees from both inside and out. The interior back of the house is framed in floor-to-ceiling windows with the home office being totally encapsulated in a greenhouse fashion. This unique and expensive detail serves a twofold purpose, one being to allow for the spectacular views of the surrounding landscape and the other is to bring the outdoors in, serving as a reminder that nature is as much a part of us as we are of it.

Strategically placed lighting all around the villa’s garden and property creates a glow that makes the home look as if it is a jewel placed among the lush landscape.

Inside the home the layout is open and modern; mostly coloured in a pallet of white, cream, beige and light browns, but with a few pops of bright colour and a touch of grounding black and dark brown, including spectacular floor-to-ceiling fireplaces wrapped in dark, iron-like stone.

This home is the sort of effortless design that the Italians are so known for – taking just what’s needed and nothing else, yet another example that simple and less is best.

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