Villa F

Grecian Modernity At Its Finest

Looking more like a set piece from the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey or Ziggy Stardust’s home than a holiday home here on earth, the Villa F by Hornung and Jacobi Architecture is certainly a sight to behold, set on the rocky, dry, iconic coastline of Rhodes, Greece. 

The home’s interesting shape uses both the topography of the land and incorporates a natural stone wall that was already part of the landscape bordering the coastal road, separating land from sea and creating a natural base on which to build. The striking white exterior of the home pays homage to the traditional white Greek architecture that glistens off of the sun and sea, but that is all that is traditional about this monolithic abode. This futuristic structure does have the essence of mid-century modern architecture playing with geometrics, glass and the surrounding natural details including trees, stone and the coastline itself, which is mirrored in the cleverly set pool deck.

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