Wally 55

Sleek, Innovative and Commanding Respect.

Sleek, innovative and scaring the shit out of every boat it comes near, the Wally 55’s military architecture and style is exactly what Italian Luca Antivari had in mind when he created this masterpiece.  

Since 1994, the Wally series has completely transformed the world of motor yachts. At 17 meters in length, the newest 55 accommodates up to 6 guests, with the option of getting it with 2 or 3 cabins.

While the exterior may put fear in the hearts of even the toughest Somali pirates, this military-like vessel’s interior provides a feeling of sophistication and class. Comfortable couches line the deck, with an oversized wrap-around windscreen to be sure your glass of Johnny Walker will stay upright.

The cabin below is even more exquisite, with multiple showers and bathrooms for you to live and ride like a king. The spacious bedrooms with queen-sized beds provide a quiet getaway from the hectic pace on land.

But the puuurfection of the Wally 55 only comes into full swing when revving up the engine, an engine so powerful that it stands toe to toe in pure power with BMW and Maserati. With four Volvo IPS600 engines and 435 horsepower, keep your hat and sunglasses tight as you pull this baby up to its maximum speed of 40 knots.  

Commanding respect on the outside, elegant and sophisticated on the inside, and powerful at the rear, the Wally 55 sets the standard for motor yachts now and into the future.

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