Barbara Desiree

Lover of Everything Artistic

Lover of everything artistic, Barbara Desiree grew up with a deep-rooted appreciation for art, having studied theatre while immersing her talents within the performance production scene in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Always keen to expand her repertoire as an actress, the dark-haired sex kitten soon harboured a resounding fondness for a life in front of the camera, striking sultry poses. 

Choosing a life as a professional model has paid immediate dividends, earning noteworthy features in such publications as Playboy Italia, Sports Illustrated, and Maxim among a string of others. Graciously sharing her knowledge and expertise, Barbara has taken part in various modelling workshops — later showered with glowing praise from several industry insiders. Agreeing to share her time once again, we sit down one-on-one with the charming muse and get to learn more about the individual inside.

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