The Karakoy Loft

City Meets Stylish, Low-Key Bachelor Pad

Exhilarating international city meets stylish, low-key bachelor pad, at least that's how this titillating "loft affair" began. The client, a 45-year-old bachelor, inspired the foundation of these decisive living quarters known as "The Karakoy Loft" with neutral sophistication and understated elegance. The keywords used in the deliberation of the design were tailored to the client's personality. Words such as natural, practical, and comfortable were utilized to create this masculine haven. Living in the heart of Istanbul provided a worthy backdrop with just the right amount of intensity — a list of hip things to do such as nearby art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and hotels, give this buzzing city its sultry allure.

Local architects at Ofist wanted to exude the city's powerful energy and give this project their undivided attention, leaving no detail untouched. A mindful exploration of the client's vision, partnered with the present surroundings and the city's culture and time period, all played a part in the meticulous design strategy. The loft's stunning location and rich history provided the team with the perfect canvas for brainstorming.

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